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It can be difficult for patients to find a new chiropractor. There are a variety of approaches and techniques that are use within the profession that can lead to drastically different experiences from office to office.

With this in mind, We want to give potential patients some information on what they can expect from our office. We would encourage every patient to understand the chiropractic approach of any office that they might be considering and see if it fits with their view on health care.

There are two key words that can best describe our approach to a patients care.

Balance and Function.

Balance is simply looking at the stress/demand/load that we put on any area of the body and compare it to the bodies ability to accommodate that demand. If we overload an area, it will lead to break down and dysfunction.

Function is simply understanding body movement. Understanding how the body is suppose to move, being able to determine when and where the body is not moving properly, and working with the patient to help restore proper movement.

We can overload any part of the body, and one of the reasons I tell patients if you can see it, touch it or move it - we can assess it.

We see a variety of overload injuries in our office, and rarely is one exactly the same as another. This is one key reason for patients to get their injuries assessed individually. There are a variety of reasons for "back pain", and just because you and a friend have "back pain" in the same area - doesn't make them the same. Treatment is based on a specific diagnosis, which is only done after a thorough history and examination.

Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better.