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Most people think of neck pain when they hear the term 'whiplash' but it really can be any injury related to a motor vehicle accident. 

Common Whiplash Symptoms
Neck Pain
Jaw Pain / Problems
Low Back Pain

People have their choice of provider. 


If your insurance company has a preferred provider or recommends a specific type of provider for treatment, these are just recommendations. 


Patients don't need a referral from anyone to seek chiropractic care

Each individual car accident injury is unique. 

While there can be some similarities between injuries, the road to recovery can be very different.  It is why it is important to find a health care provider that will work with your specific injuries, rather than just follow a text book approach.

Our Approach:


The first and most important step in treatment of a motor vehicle is a proper assessment, so we can fully understand the patients injuries.  Even though symptoms can, and typically do, change quickly and frequently in whiplash injuries getting a solid baseline is important. 


Once we know where we are starting from, we develop a program to help with the following issues:


These are all things that go into planning and managing a patients whiplash injury.  Often we are dealing with more than one factor at a time, so that is why it is important have a provider with experience to constantly be on top of you injury and make the required changes to your program. 


If you are suffering with injuries related to a motor vehicle accident, we recommend booking an appointment with our chiropractor to get properly assessed and learn what we can do for you.

You have injury coverage, even if you were at fault for the accident. 

Injuries aren't connected to who caused the accident.

Motor Vehicle Accidents often damage the body as much as they do the car. 
While most people will get their car 'fixed', many don't get their bodies 'fixed'.

Amount of vehicle damage doesn't equal amount of damage to the body

Auto insurance pays for treatment related to your motor vehicle accident injuries.  Here are some of the highlights associated with each phase of coverage.


Alberta Diagnostic Treatment Protocols (commonly just referred to as 'Protocols')


For additional information, follow the link:  Alberta Diagnostic Treatment Protocols


Section B coverage:


For additional information, follow the link:  Section B coverage


At Fault Insurance: