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Our office is contracted with WCB to provide treatment to patients with work related injuries

No Referral required
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Additional information about work place injuries can be found on the Alberta WCB website.  

Workers Compensation - Alberta
Back Active: Is a WCB sponsored web site related specifically to Back Pain.  It is a good resource of general back pain information. 

Back pain can be complicated, and if you are experiencing back pain, I recommend that you get assessed so you can find the best treatment for you. 

Back Active - General Information

What to do if you are hurt at work

1. Tell Your Employer

Tell your employer the details of your injury. After receiving notice, your employer must report your injury to WCB-Alberta within 72 hours if:

2. Tell Your Health Care Provider

Tell your health care provider you were injured at work. Your doctor or chiropractor must report your injury to WCB-Alberta within 48 hours.

3. Tell WCB

Tell WCB-Alberta and send your Report of Injury form right away. You can get forms from your employer or our forms page, any WCB-Alberta office or report online.

Achieve your best recovery   (from WCB Alberta website)

You've been hurt at work and may have some questions about how to get your life back on track. We want you to have the best possible experience and recovery. Here are a few tips for what you can do to feel better, get back to your normal life, and manage your benefits as smoothly as possible.